👋 Hi! I’m Stef, a freelance UX UI Designer based in London. I help some of the fastest growing startups (seed to series A) launch and grow their products.

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Clients backed by:

Have fully booked calendar sessions & generate new leads
Get more customers to buy your products & join your movement
Your investment and website will work to grow your business

Investing in just a website can be overwhelming.

I get it, when it comes to business, not one size fits all. And all businesses are on different levels, journeys, and steps.

Investing on a website and a branding project, is one of the most important parts of your business, this is why having a proven process behind the work being done can help you feel more at-ease with the project.

You shouldn’t have to worry about hiring different designers, web developers, marketers, and more to help you achieve your brand’s vision. This can be expensive, time-consuming, and difficult. Together, we will make it happen.

Let’s get you in the journey to building the brand and business that is as powerful as your vision.

My services are perfect for you if...

  • You want to experience transformation in your business;
  • You are ready to show the world how your products, services or coaching can impact their lives;
  • You are willing to dive deep into strategic thinking for your business and products;
  • You want to bring in all your marketing into one system that generates sales for your business.

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We’ve developed a unique design delivery framework that brings results in 5 weeks. It uses the industry-proven methodologies Jobs to be Done, for identifying product flaws and opportunities, and Design Sprint for solving and testing product problems.

This is an optimised and highly effective way of doing UX and UI design for early stage companies. It’s based on our experience with over 100 startups, some of them backed by YC, Techstars, Seedcamp, Founders Factory and other leading accelerators and investors.

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La această etapă vom analiza care sunt problemele pe care compania dumneavoastră vrea să le rezolve prin crearea unui website.

Voi prezenta arhitectura website-ului, linia de design, elementele de funcționalitate etc. În acest moment vom defini așteptările și indicii prin care vom măsura succesul.

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Creez un prototip al website-ului la care se pot implica ambele părți.

După ce website-ul a fost definit complet ca design și funcționalitate, acesta este programat de la zero, sau poate fi dezvoltat în WordPress sau Webflow.

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Website-ul este acum accesibil pentru toată lumea, însă de obicei lucrurile nu se termină aici deoarece experiența arată că un website poate fi îmbunătățit permanent, în principal din cauza dinamicii unui business.

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